Thursday, December 10, 2009

Student profile: Cobi Swanepoel

Why you started martial arts?
Fascinated with martial arts since very young, but horses took over my life as I trained 7 days a week for endurance rides.
Main reason to eventually start was self-defence, now, of course, it turned into another addictive sport!

How often do you train?
Trying for 2 – 3 times per week

Do you do any extra supplementary training or conditioning?
Picking fights with guys in bars....

Do you participate in other sports or activities?
Jogging, horse riding, snorkelling, body surfing and walking with a 51kg German Shepherd

Favourite technique:
Any kinda choke!

Rolling style: anaconda or squirrel monkey?
Whatever works....

What do you appreciate most about the SBGi/Functional martial arts curriculum?
It is not boring. It really is functional and realistic.

Advice for beginners:

Who would win: Spiderman vs. the Hulk?

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