Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Student profile: Zack Wright

...a.k.a. The Squirminator / Captain Kick-Ass

Why you started martial arts?...
I kept climbing out the cot as a baby, so my parents flipped it upside-down...destroying my prison was a natural progression. I also distinctly remember that punching 'Bobo the clown' wasn't good enough to keep him down (those bottom-weighted inflatable-punchbags are so cool!) so I improvised with increasingly insane attacks. There is no limit to one's imagination with regards to fight scenes!

How often do you train?

Whenever I can...about 4 actual classes a week and play-fights with gangs of little kids as often as possible (I baby sit/child mind, in case you were wondering!)

Do you do any extra supplementary training or conditioning?

I eat a lot to strengthen my jaw so I don't get knocked out so easily...chubby-bunny once a week...oh and I head-bang all day which helps my neck deal with most chokes.

Do you participate in other sports or activities?
I do any and all extreme sports when my budget and timetable allow, but go climbing/do parkour about once a week.

Favourite technique:

Whatever one makes me laugh at my confused/tapping-out opponent...otherwise flying knees and hammer-fists!

Rolling style: anaconda or squirrel monkey?
Squirrel-monkey who believes its an anaconda

What do you appreciate most about the SBGi/Functional martial arts curriculum?
its just AWESOME!!! Variety..functionality...immediately applicable - don't have to develop reflexes and timing over years of experience...simple and effective techniques.......great exercise...mentally and physically challenging...I'm a complete MMA geek!
Advice for beginners:It's fun...keep it that way..take it or youself too seriously and it will lose some of it's magic!

Who would win: Spiderman vs. the Hulk?
Spidey..duh! Hulk's roid-rage aint nuthin against Spidey agility and snappy 1-liners!

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