Saturday, March 20, 2010

Profile Rubi de Villiers

Why you started martial arts?
It started out as an experiment, I was supposed to start with my dad but he chickened out and I got stuck in !

How often do you train?
I try to train at least 4 times a week, I aspire to do 6 classes a week.

Do you do any extra supplementary training or conditioning?
When I can get off my lazy rear !

Do you participate in other sports or activities?
Sure, horse riding predominantly otherwise whatever is available.

Favourite technique: Anything that works!!!!!

Rolling style: anaconda or squirrel monkey?
Well i would probably say squirrel monkey?

What do you appreciate most about the SBGi/Functional martial arts
Its functional and fun!! It is also easy to pick up and well taught in a fantastic environment.

Advice for beginners:
Have fun and play for the right reasons.

Who would win: Spiderman vs. the Hulk?
Spiderman of course!!!!!